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Future Data Center for financial sector

Sept. 7, 2020

How does the current market of data center services for financial sector look like? What has changed over the past years, and in which direction is the financial industry heading?

The comprehensive report entitled Future data center for financial sector and challenges regarding the technological architecture [Centrum danych przyszłości sektora finansowego i wyzwania związane z architekturą technologiczną] presents the summary of current situation and an attempt to show the future perspectives, together with the recommendations for development of this segment of IT services in Poland. The study was prepared by representatives of the Warsaw School of Economics in Warsaw in cooperation with the Polish Bank Association (ZBS) and the Centre for Banking Law and Information, as well as technological partners - Dell Technologies, GFT and TALEX SA.

Our material was prepared by Tomasz Kwiczor – Outsourcing Services Director at Talex SA. In the publication entitled What every manager in a bank needs to know about a safe Data Center [Wszystko, co każdy menedżer w banku powinien wiedzieć o bezpiecznym Data Center] he showed, among other things, what are the consequences of the fact that most banks still have their own data centers and whether their own data centers really guarantee the safety and continuity of operations.

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