DaaS - the way to optimise IT spending

May 19, 2020

Author: Sebastian Świgoń

What is Device as a Service - DaaS for short?

A DaaS solution is a service offered by Talex, whereby in return for a fixed monthly subscription fee, you receive:

-any device with software installed,
-end user maintenance and support services,
-infrastructure monitoring.

All services are provided by one partner, and instead of talking to other partners about the purchase, delivery, financing, maintenance of your IT, the customer gains more time to run their business. The DaaS service provides financial and time savings.

Talex offers DaaS not only for laptops or PCs (usually called Desktop as a Service); as part of our service you can lease any device, such as printer, monitor, server, projector, network infrastructure, or others – according to your needs.

How to choose the right business partner and why Talex?

Experience is an important factor. Decide on the company that has already implemented this type of service, has experience, resources and partners with whom it can prepare a service for you regardless of the scale of the project.

We have been doing this for many years before the term DaaS became popular in IT. It can be said that Talex as one of the few companies has been pioneering in such a model of service provision on the Polish IT market. And we gained our experience with the most demanding customers of the financial sector.

 Why should you use DaaS?

The first and basic thing is costs. In the traditional model, in order to finance the purchase of laptops for your employees or the construction of IT infrastructure for your business you have to:

- have the money on the bank account,
- or take a loan
- or sign a leasing agreement.

All the above is not included in DaaS because the customer only pays a monthly subscription for the resources actually used. And the subscription includes pre-selected equipment and agreed additional services, such as:

- equipment support,
- our Contact Center support, 
- security - always up-to-date software and antivirus package,
- access to Talex Cloud, where you can safely store your data.

 All these services are bundled into one partnership agreement to optimize your IT spending.

Transfer your one-time investment costs to the operational ones without spending a lot of money on new hardware and software.

We provide the service and you run your business.

There are at least seven benefits from investing in DaaS

First – time.
Take care of your business and stop worrying about your IT. Let us do it.

Second - being a leader.
Take advantage of the service not to get left behind. According to Gartner’s report, Desktop as a Service as part of Device as a Service will grow rapidly until 2023, with an annual growth rate of 58.3%.

Third - savings.
Have enough money for the investments to take your business to the next level. 

Fourth - scalability.
The service will provide you with a quick adjustment to your current needs. When you hire a new employee, you place an order at Talex for additional equipment with software and the service of your choice - that's it. We will take care of the rest.

Fifth - easy management.
One partner is one point of contact. You have control over expenses and service parameters.

Sixth - availability and business continuity.
It is our responsibility to ensure the availability of the equipment; also, we are responsible for your employee can carry out the tasks with his or her help.

Seventh - security.
An important issue, but you don't need to be familiar with security standards. We will make sure that the equipment supplied meets the applicable safety requirements.

You can find more information about DaaS along with the case study on the product card: Brochure_TALEX_DaaS

Check us out, and you won't regret it!  We invite you to contact us at biuro@talex.pl

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