HIT 2020

Talex Cloud awarded in the competition by Gazeta Bankowa for the 'HIT of the Year 2020'

June 18, 2020

Our platform, Talex Cloud for the Financial Industry, received a recommendation in the 13th edition of the technological competition for the ‘HIT of the Year 2020’ organized by Gazeta Bankowa, in the category: Banking. The aim of this competition is to select and promote the most modern and innovative IT offers (products, solutions, services) addressed to companies and institutions in the category: banking and insurance and other financial institutions.

In the Banking category, IT and ICT solutions supporting or facilitating customer service and operations of banks (both front office and back office), and modernizing product offerings that are based on new or upgraded software solutions are assessed.

The motto of the competitions organizers is: “Our ambition is to identify solutions that make an institution or a company implementing them in the following year become a “Leader” of Gazeta Bankowa and market leader.”

The platform Talex Cloud for Financial Industry awarded in the competition is a response to the challenges and needs of financial institutions that result from market pressure to provide high-tech services while maintaining reliability and safety standards, including those arising directly from the requirements set by regulators. It provides on-demand configurable computing resources such as servers or storage, as well as complete business services and applications, but also traditional Data Center services - hosting or collocation.

More information on this solution can be found on the blog in the article: Cloud Platform for the most demanding clients.

An official announcement of the results of the Techno Biznes 2020 competitions by  Gazeta Bankowa in the categories ‘Leader’ and ‘HIT’ as well as ‘The Best Bank of 2020’ was held on 16 June. In addition, the award for the 'Bank Manager of the Year 2019' was presented. The list of the awarded in the competition for the 'HIT of the Year 2020' was published on the website of Gazeta Bankowa.

Photograph by Andrzej Wiktor.            

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