Talex Data Center in Wrocław launched

Aug. 1, 2018

In order to meet the needs of our customers, but also with a view to further development of the company, we extended our centre in Wrocław with a new infrastructure. After moving the branch to a new location, we worked on making the Backup Office available (article). Currently, we are handing over the ready to use Data Center. 

Talex Data Center in Wrocław is located in the buildings of Wrocław Business Park 3 at Bierutowska Street on the premises of the former German armaments factory. Talex has 1800 m2 of office space and 800 m2 of Data Center space in Wrocław.  Talex's infrastructure in Wrocław is located outside the city centre, away from any environmental threats. Due to the particular flood risk of Wrocław, the location has been thoroughly verified in this respect.

The building in the part belonging to Talex has been equipped in accordance with the standards developed for the buildings in the Company's headquarters in Poznań.

All Talex Data Center centres have been designed and built to meet the highest security standards. Based on the conducted risk analyses, the implemented and certified Information Security Management System, and the application of the requirements of applicable standards and best practices, we ensure that the highest world standards in terms of quality and security are met. (Update: Talex Data Centres according to EN 50600)

In this way, TALEX SA has acquired two equivalent centres in which its services can be provided independently of each other.

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