We act responsibly
Relations with employees and responsible ecological and social activities
are very important to our organizational culture

We recognize the corporate social responsibility of our company (CSR) and implement it in four main areas, including: business activities, employee relations and the company's organizational culture as well as its impact on the environment and social activities. In each of these areas, we undertake specific actions for the sustainable development of our company.
  • we care for responsible relations in our supply chains (suppliers, subcontractors, clients, consumers and other companies);
  • we have implemented the Integrated Quality Management and Information SecuitySystem;
  • we act accordingly to the Best Practice set up by the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW);
  • we take part in innovation-seeking R&D projects;
  • we adhere to the principles of fair competition set out in the Code of Corporate Governance and Code of EthicsEthics.
  • we try to ensure working conditions that allow our employees to achieve a Work-Life balance;
  • we care for a friendly atmosphere in the workplace;
  • we offer non-wage benefits to our employees;
  • we place emphasis on workplace safety and hygiene and provide friendly social facilities;
  • we offer many opportunities for personal and professional development (training);
  • we eliminate any arbitrary and discriminatory dismissal practices.
  • our buildings meet the requirements of energy efficiency;
  • we use gas and renewable energy sources for heating, such as solar panels, heat pump and heat recovered from energy generated by our IT infrastructure;
  • we save water by using grey water collected from rainfall;
  • we effectively manage the energy used in our Data Center;
  • we invest in eco-friendly hybrid and electric cars;
  • we segregate, scrap and utilise waste in accordance with the applicable laws
  • we support Collegium DaVinci university in Poznan by awarding scholarships to the most promising IT students;
  • we support universities and secondary schools in creating their IT model curriculum;
  • we counteract digital exclusion of the youngest pupils by donating computer equipment to schools -during the pandemic, we donated equipment to enable remote learning for children from schools in Poznan;
  • we are the titular sponsor of a tennis tournament - Wielkopolska International Tennis Championship Talex Open.

Charity work

In addition to initiatives undertaken as part of social activities, we directly support those in need by regularly participating in charity fundraising. Every year we take part in the Noble Gift (Szlachetna Paczka) campaign, twice a year we organize collection of food and clothes for families in difficult situation and purchase of medical equipment for sick children.


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