Current report no. 11/2020

Date of issue: 03-06-2020

Name of issuer: TALEX

Subject: Correction to the annual report (SA-R 2019)

Legal basis: Art. 56 (1) (2) of the Act of 29th July 2005 on public offerings - current and periodic information

The content of the report:

The Management Board of Talex S.A. informs that the Company is going to publish on 3 June 2020 a correction to the annual report of Talex S.A. for 2019 (SA-R 2019), which was released on 20 April 2020.

The reason for the correction is an obvious typographical error in the content of the annual report published on 20 April 2020, which consists in disclosing in the logical structure of the annual financial statement the date of preparation as 10 April 2019 instead of 10 April 2020.

The correction to the annual report does not include a change in financial data.