Current report no. 4/2018

Date of issue: 15-03-2018

Name of issuer: TALEX

Subject: Conclusion of the agreement with Toyota Motor Poland Limited Sp. z o.o.

Legal basis: Art. 17 (1) of the proposed MAR – confidential information

The contents of the report:

The Management Board of Talex S.A. hereby informs that the Company concluded the agreement dated 15 March 2018 with Toyota Motor Poland Limited Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Warsaw. The subject of the agreement is provision of IT services with the use of Talex Data Center. The agreement was concluded for the period of 5 years with a possibility of its extension. The estimated net value of the agreement in a period of 5 years is PLN 9.77 million, yet no less than PLN 6 million.