Diversity policy implemented in Talex

In its activities, the Company strives to provide a rational diversity both in the selection of both the composition of its governing bodies and in the process of recruitment. Representatives of the Company recognize the real benefits of ensuring diversity, in particular with regard to age, experience and gender. Nonetheless, the basic criteria in the selection of both the composition of the Company’s Supervisory Board, Management Board, managers, and employees are professional competence and social skills. The accomplishment of the identified objectives amounts to ensuring the adequacy of the personnel selection with full respect for diversity, paying due attention to the mainstreaming of the provision of equal opportunities. This is intended to ensure the stability and continuity of the Company's operations as a business entity, entrepreneur. In the opinion of the Company's governing bodies, the diversity policy makes sense and is justified only when it serves the development of the Company and promotes satisfaction of various business groups representatives maintaining more or less close relations with the Company.

When analyzing the actual impact of the efforts to ensure diversity (understood as referred to above), the nature of the Company activities and its specialization in the IT industry should also be taken into account. The Company's activities as advanced IT systems integrator implies a certain restrictions reducing quotas in ensuring diversity. By its nature, the activity in IT industry, in particular in the field of maintenance services provided in the branch units of the Company's customers, brings about natural increase of younger staff and men.

Currently, the Management Board of the Company is composed of five male members, most of whom are founders of the Company and its significant shareholders, whereas the Supervisory Board is composed of five persons, including one woman  holding a mandate who serves as Chairman of the Board. The personal representatives of the two governing bodies provide diversity in the field of education and work experience. Moreover, the composition of the Management Board, in addition to the provision of the above criteria of diversity, is also significantly diverse in terms of age of the individual members of this body.

A noteworthy for the evaluation of the Company’s actual implementation of the diversity policy is the data on the employment, while also [...] having regard to already recalled restrictions related to the specifics of the Company. At present, more than 18% of the Company's employees are women, and more than 25% of the personnel is over 40 years of age. In case of the managerial staff, the majority of workers are aged 35 - 45, thus providing next to professional competence also dynamism, openness and professional experience. In addition, 30% of the staff are women.

Regardless of the policy of diversity and successes already achieved in this area, the Company notes an upward trend in the employment of women with high qualifications and widening of the age spectrum of its employees.