effective communication

The functioning of each organization depends in a great part on the smooth flow of information, which can be a big challenge taking into account transfer to thousands of workers in dozens of outlets is a big challenge, but thanks to efficient and safe mail systems prepared by our company, communication with them is no longer a problem.

We provide comprehensive services for mail systems and instant messaging (IM) that goes beyond standard implementation services. Our experts deal with even the most complex topics in this field: design, migration and user comprehensive support.

E-mail exchange systems

We offer comprehensive services in the field of:

  • design and implementation of e-mail systems based on the Exchange Server or Open Source solutions
  • development of professional solutions of the highest class availability
  • update of e-mail systems such as Lotus, Zimbra, Postfix, GroupWise, Exchange Server to the latest version
  • implementation of solutions helping to conduct daily business (providing free/busy, calendar sharing, dedicated authorisation models)
  • secure sharing of communications features for mobile devices
  • comprehensive suport during the migration proces of mailboxes, together with its transparency for users (including Client stations and mobile devices)
  • implementation of archiving systems and mailbox journaling
  • adaptation of the implemented solutions to the requirements of the standards, laws and recommendations


Communication without limits

We provide the following services:

  • installation and configuration of messaging servers based on Lync Server or solutions OpenSource
  • configuration of Audio & Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing
  • integration with Microsoft Exchange Server and SharePoint
  • integration with VoIP or video conferencing systems (eg. Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize)
  • implementation of teamwork module
  • making instant mesaging functions available on mobile devices
  • migration into and out of the public cloud

Experience and expert knowledge

If your company has to face the issue of mail systems migration from open source type platform, or any other, you can count on us. We are experienced not only in the implementation processes, but also in complex migration processes of several thousand mailboxes.

User-friendly migration process

It has been our experience that workers are often afraid of changes and new solutions. However, we act so that the Users feel comfortable in the new environment. Therefore, we implement changes that aim exclusively at making your work more efficient.

Full support

The cooperation with our company does not end after successful implementation. We provide full support for the Users - both remotely via help desk service, and directly in your location. Rich resources, great number of specialists, and branches throughout the country allow us to offer you help at any time.

Services at large scale

We are already experienced insuch areas as migration of 16,000 mailboxes and Lync Server implementation for 6,000 Users. We gained the confidence of banks and large corporations. You can also entrust our company with communications processes functioning in your company.

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Talex S.A., Talex S.A.
Talex S.A.

ul. Karpia 27d
61-619 Poznan, Poland
tel. +48 61 827 5500
fax: +48 61 827 5599

Registered: 0000048779
IN VAT: 782-00-21-045
Regon: 004772751
Shared capital: PLN 3 000 092