power of effective integration

The management of real and rented estate portfolio is a process requiring efficient decision making. Hundreds of thousands of lease agreements, assessment of investment risk, and monitoring of maintenance services in many places generate huge amounts of information. We offer you the effective solution that provides analysis and integration of data needed for effective management of property portfolio - IBM TRIRIGA Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS).

IBM TRIRIGA is one of the best applications dedicated to real estate management in the world, as presented in the independent Gartner report of 2013. This solution enables compliance with legal requirements regarding accounting, determined among others by the organization of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).

The main functionality of IMB TRIRIGA

IBM TRIRIGA system is based on the five ready-made modules:

  1. Real estate
  2. Investments
  3. Public space
  4. Administration
  5. Environment

01Property management
TRIRIGA Real Estate

  • efficient management of agreements on ownership and lease (payment management, automatic notification of the expiration of the expiry date)
  • accounting for leases agreements and taking them into account in the balance sheet
  • integration with current financial and accounting systems, and other companies' systems
  • profitability management of real estate
  • market analyses and the choice of location, but also calculation of the impact of the proposed location on financial results

02Management of investment projects
TRIRIGA Projects

  • increase of the efficiency of investment projects of any type
  • analysis of risk factors and benefits of the project
  • realtime performance indicators
  • definition of assumptions and monitoring of deviations

03Space management
TRIRIGA Facilities

  • scenario modeling and analysis of all types of area planning
  • increase of the surface exploitation resulting in a reduction of operating cost
  • provision of employees relocation service
  • reservation management of the company's shared resources (conference rooms, projectors, etc.).

04Maintenance and administration of the building
TRIRIGA Operations

  • management of maintenance service (including the automation of service plans, schedules, cost tracking, reporting)
  • support functions for periodic inspections and repairs
  • classification of irregularities, the estimation of savings

05Environment and energy management
TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability

  • tools for the reduction of the amount of carbon dioxide emissions and water and energy consumption
  • monitoring of cost and consumption of energy



We make every effort for the final result of IBM TRIRIGA implementation to be fully adapted to the needs of the organization. The implementation process is based on a unique Fusion methodology and takes place at several stages. At each stage of the implementation you have a complete knowledge and control regarding the planned activities:

  • Introduction and strategy - we jointly determine the objectives of the project, define its cards, and create a working version of the plan taking into account your requirements.
  • Analysis and design - we define the equirements of the project and then draft formal project documents containing functional project of the system, integration project, and the principles of data mapping
  • Configuration - we create a configured application containing interfaces of end-users and specific reports.
  • Training - we conduct training for the trainers from your organization to be properly prepared for the acceptance tests.
  • Testing - we provide the initial version of the application for the users to start testing and remove any potential defects.
  • Configuration and start-up - we implementat the ready-made solution in your environment, check the correctness of the data, and migrate it.
  • Post-implementation activities - now you can already start working on the IBM TRIRIGA system. We will provide support in solving problems.
  • One integrated technology platform based on a single data repository - any new functionality can be introduced without changes to the code or implementation of new applications.
  • Simple and clear interface based on the internet, allowing to adapt to the needs of the user, with the function of bookmarks and reminders.
  • Modular solution including: lease and real estate portfolio management, investment projects, real estate infrastructure, facility maintenance and administration, environment and energy management.
  • Effective tools in the form of built-in metrics, transparent reports, scripts, CAD reports, together with the option to create reports tailored to the needs of the user.
  • The opportunity to update and adapt to the legal requirements; mechanisms to integrate with systems such as Oracle, SAP and PeopleSoft.
  • The opportunity to share the application in both the On Premises model and the one offered by our company.

A full range of information

With IBM TRIRIGA, the answers to questions concerning the dates of lease agreements, use of the space, or water consumption in a particular location are right at your fingertips. Permanent access to detailed information facilitates your work and helps to avoid unpleasant and often costly surprises.

Faster decision making

Reports, analyses, alerts, and scenario modeling are IBM TRIRIGA functions that significantly shorten the decision-making process. With ready-made analyses you get a clear picture of the situation. Which location to choose for your business? Is there a need for the modernization of lighting over the entire area? IBM TRIRIGA gives you answers, you will make decisions.

Financial savings

All the features of IBM TRIRIGA open the way for significant financial savings. With all the information on unprofitable locations and consumption of materials, energy and utilities at your fingertips, you can optimize costs, improve energy efficiency of your location, and increase the use of the space.

Work facilitation

In large corporations many employees from various levels are involved in the real estate management. IBM TRIRIGA facilitates the work of chief financial officers, real estate specialists, persons responsible for the administration, as well as internal and external service providers.

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