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In order to operate stably on the market, conduct its business without obstacles and continuously increase its competitive advantage each and every company must be provided with a reliable infrastructure, secure data storage, uninterrupted access to information and protection in case of any failure. Also, cost optimization in the area of IT environment represents considerable value.

State of the art Data Center offered by Talex ensures both secure data storage and their protection as well as a wide range of additional services tailored specifically to your needs. With the Talex Data Center, you will also optimize the costs of your IT environment. Data Processing Center

Data Processing Center

Your data is completely secure. Talex Data Center includes the area of more than 2,300 m2, built in accordance with the recommendations of the international organization Uptime Institute, dealing with security issues.

Talex Data Center includes:

01construction of reinforced concrete with hydrobeton elements

02safe system – capsules of required fire resistance dedicated to individual Clients located inside the main processing area

03innovative technology of closed aisles- SmartAisle

04independent medium voltage (MV) power lines

05private transformer stations with sets of power generators with a capacity of 3MW each

06redundant precision air conditioning system in the processing area and all infrastructure elements

07innovative technology of Freecooling enabling the use of low external temperature to cool the interior of the processing area

08advanced electronic control including, for instance, the biometric access control

09Circuit Television (CCTV) system, burglary and robbery signalling system, door controllers

10independent telecommunications channels

1124/7 security guards

The main processing area in Talex is prepared to be subdivided into smaller sections that can be fitted in accordance with Clients' requirements


Talex Data Center services:

  1. Collocation
  2. Hosting
  3. Cloud Computing

Talex Data Center provides a modern and secure infrastructure. Technologically advanced solutions ensure physical, energy, and telecommunications safety of the equipment working in our Data Center. The possibility to install your own servers in Talex DC ensures excellent working conditions for them as well as comfort of your work.

You do not need to buy servers to use dedicated IT infrastructure. We prepare for you a comprehensive working environment, designed exclusively for your needs. Our specialists take care of the infrastructure 24 hours a day. Therefore, you get the servers and their maintenance as a service.

Do you need a flexible IT solution? We meet your needs by offerring the service of computing power rental. Instead of purchasing a dedicated server, you may only buy the processor computing power on a VMware virtual farm in our Data Center. You will pay only for the resources used, which can be increased at any time depending on the current demand.



Disaster Recovery Center

Loss of operational continuity is one of the most serious threat to modern companies.
Your organization can certainly not afford interruptions
in technical infrastructre operations or in relations with your customers.
Disaster Recovery Center is basic IT protection for a big organisation.
Check how we can protect your business against disruptions.


Disaster Recovery Services


  1. Disaster Recovery Center
  2. Backup Office
  3. Monitoring
We offer you the Disaster Recovery Center which can be fully integrated with IT environment of your company. In case of any failure, DRC will automatically your IT system. Additionaly, depending on the needs, we create the backup of the systems with a guarantee each time of data recovery in the required time.
In case of any failure which prevents you from continuing work at your location, we provide you with the office space, infrastructure,as well as preconfigured and ready for start-up equipment at your disposal within few hours. In addition, we offer you social premises and even private parking space.
Our experts from the Remote Control Center ensure the operational continuity of servers, telecommunication lines, and many other network devices. Permanent, twenty-four-hour control allows promptly react to any disruption to the operation of the devices protecting your business from catastrophic failure.


Business Continuity Plans


Securing the backup infrastructure is only the first step towards the uninterrupted operation in your company. In order to build a complete security of business processes, it is necessary to create and maintain complete continuity plans (Business Continuity Plans). Our experts provide support in the development of such plans with the use of your DC and Talex Data Center.
We offer you assistance in the following fields:

  • construction and implementation of high availability cluster solutions
  • implementation of the software for a central backup and archiving
  • implementation of virtualization solution



Ciagłość działania


The highest security standards

Talex Data Center technologically advanced solutions, round-the-clock expert support, operational safety implemented in accordance with the applicable legislative acts.

Adjustment to the needs

Your requirements are the starting point our range of services. We can adjust the space of Data Processing Center especially to. Also, share the computing power of servers and backup systems, and prepare Backup Office: Our offer can take into account the specific needs of your business in its each part.

Measurable savings

To take full advantage of our services, our Clients pay only for the resources that are actually used. When you choose Talex Data Center services, you will always profit from state-of-the-art technology and the expert knowledge, without additional costs.


Modern Data Center, perfectly prepared Backup Offices and Remote Control Center are the outcome of our experts long-term work. Experience gained over the years allows us to react effectively in critical situations, which in practice translates into solutions tailored to the specific nature of your business.

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Talex S.A., Talex S.A.
Talex S.A.

ul. Karpia 27d
61-619 Poznan, Poland
tel. +48 61 827 5500
fax: +48 61 827 5599

Registered: 0000048779
IN VAT: 782-00-21-045
Regon: 004772751
Shared capital: PLN 3 000 092