Advanced technological tools and knowledge of experienced experts






An extensive infrastructure including several thousand computers and mobile devices requires efficient management. Among the important issues are monitoring and performance optimization, service automation, as well as user support, and data security.

We operate on advanced technological tools and with knowledge of experienced experts providing comprehensive and tailored to your needs management services of IT environment. We have extensive experience in enterprise-class projects. We are proud to have gained trust from banks and public institutions.




Development of methods and pathways of IT systems migration

For several years we have gathered experience in the migration and consolidation of IT systems on a large scale. Today, we can assure you that we are able to respond to the most difficult challenges we are presented with.

Regardless of whether you need to update your infrastructure in connection with the legal requirements and safety, change the system or application platform, or to merge with another company, we are at your disposal.

We have developed the procedures, verified many times in projects involving even several thousands of stands, that allow us to carry out tasks in accordance with our customers’ expectations. Therefore, we can without hesitation:

  • plan and conduct IT cost reduction in your company by the consolidation of systems and applications
  • help you reduce management costs with a centralized management and processes optimization
  • help you control IT environment by conducting audits, ordering processes and implementing ITSM class systems
  • execute migration of data, files or e-mail of your employees to new, safe, and efficient systems
  • conduct a rapid mass update of computers to the new version of the operating systems or hardware
  • ensure the transfer of your data center and IT environment to new location
  • plan and guide IT projects related to ownership transformation of enterprises


Optimal management of infrastructure



Central Management of IT infrastructure

With the use of Microsoft System Center toolkit, one of the best world-class tools for consistent management of IT infrastructure, we can provide you with a design and configuration of advanced technologies, such as:

    • automation of implementation proceses of systems, applications, and services in your private computing cloud
    • monitoring of services, servers and applications
    • integration of infrastructure management systems with decision-making systems
    • limitation of the users rights and of supervision over tasks that require enhanced privileges
    • central distribution of software
    • remote installation and administration of computers
    • ensuring compliance of computer station configurations with the accepted standard
    • control over the status of computers and corrections of their settings
    • centralized reporting on hardware and software inventory
    • management of mobile devices


Enterprise Mobility Management 

We offer you a comprehensive service of mobile devices and laptops management. We provide solutions that enable safe usage of the company’s resources with mobile devices. The service includes, inter alia, control of data security in mobile phones, remote deletion of data, control of applications running, lost devices blocking. We implement EMM systems based on Microsoft SCCM, MobileIron, Microsoft Intune and other systems.


Other services

 The spectrum of our services is very wide. Therefore, we are ready to design and implement:

  • non-standard solutions on Microsoft SharePoint platform
  • terminal services farms and virtual desktops
  • public key infrastructure
  • identity management systems
  • centrally managed network
  • monitoring of infrastructure and server class application
  • Active Directory directory services and Office 365 services
  • secure, public self-service stands
  • unified solutions for franchises
  • IoT (Internet of Things) solutions


The competence and experience of our experts allow us to carry out unusual and advanced implementations. We can provide migration from any platform and synchronization of different systems - nothing will surprise us. You can entrust us with tasks that other people were afraid to take.


We are experts in the IT industry, but we also understand the mechanisms governing the business world. Extensive experience and substantive preparation allow us to fully adjust solutions ensuring freedom of action to the specifics of your business.


Large-scale implementation processes enable us to transfer knowledge and experience on the activities that provide measurable benefits to your organization. We have completed projects, migration and implementation of a population of several thousand stations.


It is mainly due to expert knowledge and experience. Monitoring systems, central backup, remote assistance for users, and fast upgrade of even several thousand of virtual machines - you can certainly be sure that the IT infrastructure of your company is in good hands.


Partnership agreements with global technology leaders and well-trained experts ensure professional and effective implementation of solutions based on top tools of the biggest manufacturers, recognized in the world of IT.

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Talex S.A., Talex S.A.
Talex S.A.

ul. Karpia 27d
61-619 Poznan, Poland
tel. +48 61 827 5500
fax: +48 61 827 5599

Registered: 0000048779
IN VAT: 782-00-21-045
Regon: 004772751
Shared capital: PLN 3 000 092