IT outsourcing is not only the supply and maintenance of the technical infrastructure; it is a comprehensive package of services, which includes equipment leasing, events and failures support, as well as Contact Center, and expert support.

Customers are the most important people for us. Therefore, all our solutions are adapted to the business model of the company and responsive to its needs.



IT infrastructure management

We offer full support in terms of IT infrastructure life cycle management in the following areas:

  • supply and installation of hardware and software
  • individual configuration and expansion
  • relocations, a cleanup of the database
  • maintenance, preparation for recycling
  • storage

Technical support

Depending on your needs and expectations, we can provide you with the technical support 24 hours a day, seven days. Due to our proprietary solution, based on your own ITSM system, you can have full control and knowledge on the status of your request. It also ensures that all hardware or software failures and irregularities are removed as based on the agreed SLA.
Our actions are based on ITIL best practices. The Quality Management System of IT Services implemented in our company ensures the provision of services at the highest level.
We provide our technical support services remotely with the use of the proper tools, and/or On-Site, i.e. directly at the site of an incident.
Our branches located in major Polish cities can guarantee the effective support in the shortest possible time frame.

We provide the technical support services at the following levels:

  1. Help Desk
  2. Service Desk
  3. Contact Center
  4. Contact Center+

It is the first contact point for your workers. Help Desk team shall receive your request, classify it adequately, and try to sort out the situation remotely. If the problem cannot be solved in the designated time, depending on its nature and individual negotiation terms agreed with the Client, it will be transferred to the On-Site support team or to our experts.

It is a team of people who solve the most complex problems. The employees who provide the services of Service Desk are experts in their respective fields of competence and act in compliance with ITIL standards. Being in constant contact with manufacturers of ICT solutions and having appropriate qualifications and certificates issued by Authorized Training Centers, our workers can guarantee the highest level of services including technical support, consultancy and advisory.

It is a service that complements Help Desk and Service Desk. It constitutes a single point of contact and enables full information exchange between users and technical support workers in TALEX S.A., which makes the Client kept informed at every stage about the status of his/her request and actions taken. Contact Center is introduced based on the proprietary solutions in the field of communications systems and management of individual channels of contact.

Contact Center is also an independent service that makes available for the Client a fully functioning IT environment together with the operators. Due to this solution, our Client, through its internal procedures, by the employees of Talex S.A., can provide the Contact Center service for its Clients.




  • a flexible, easy to configure and simple to use tool
  • supports the implementation of all ITIL processes from Service Support group
  • handles service requests and those associated with other IT services, such as the development and implementation of IT systems, integration projects, consulting projects
  • boosts the quality of the services rendered and shortens the execution time of service requests
  • provides an easy access to information concerning the request and fast data exchange between the people handling it
  • the reporting module provides clear analysis of current status of works on the requests
  • the mechanism of early warning system helps in keeping the SLA terms predetermined with the Client
  • enables integration with ITSM and ERP systems, fleet monitoring
  • data collected by Taldesk2 and all the components of the system are replicated and stored in our data recovery centre


Users of the TALDESK2

  • HelpDesk operators responsible for the registration and maintenance of applications
  • service technicians responsible for the actual execution of orders related to service
  • people responsible for the work flow
  • the management analysing the information based on reports
  • employees of customers with the ability to create proposals requests and track the progress of the notifications, boasting access to historical information and reports
  • subcontractors' employees who have access primarily to the tasks and notifications assigned to designated organizations (for their services)

Adjustment to your needs

Rergardless of whether you outsource Call Center or complex IT service to us, we will well-tried adapt to the operating model in your company. We do not impose our ideas on our Clients but try to use the solutions through integration or modification. Such an approach enables major financial savings.

Unique solutions

The key to the success of our solutions is the TalDesk2 system. We created the software supporting IT outourcing processes with possibility of personalization and addition of new functionality which does not have any restrictions. Simply tell us what you need and we will provide it to you.

Quality and security

Information is the most valuable commodity and we know how to care for it. We meet the requirements of GIODO procedures and our services are supported by quality management systems of ISO 9001, ISO 27000, and ITIL. We gained the trust of banks, courts, and public institutions.


We deliver a full IT infrastructure with the Call Center service, support of expert, and IT infrastructure management service. Everything is designed so that it can be easily integrated with your IT systems.


With over 25 years of experience Talex is proud of a highly sophisticated servicing system, the expert staff of people experienced in many fields of IT, and well-trained emplyees at all levels. These people as well as perfected technology do not allow for any errors or omissions.

Talex S.A.

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Talex S.A., Talex S.A.
Talex S.A.

ul. Karpia 27d
61-619 Poznan, Poland
tel. +48 61 827 5500
fax: +48 61 827 5599

Registered: 0000048779
IN VAT: 782-00-21-045
Regon: 004772751
Shared capital: PLN 3 000 092