WIR* presentation at Talex headquarters

Oct. 23, 2017

On 20 October a presentation of the project called WIR* took place at Talex headquarters. The organizers prepared installations in a real environment to demonstrate the solutions which have an impact on reducing energy consumption. The participants of the show were invited, inter alia, to the kitchen where the remote control of devices and monitoring solutions were presented. Monitoring of electrical devices was also shown from the industrial perspective, based on intelligent additions to electrical switchboards allowing for the instant transmission of data to users without interference in the electricity network. Apart from that, the solutions for the management of open public car-parking and intelligent monitoring of agricultural crops were presented at the parking in front of Talex.

WIR* (Wielkopolski Internet Rzeczy) [Internet of Things in Wielkopolska region] is a project involving the construction of a multimodal sensor network in several cities in Wielkopolska region. WIR will use the IoT (Internet of Things) solutions developed by the experts from the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing as well as by the Project Partners (Talex, PCSS, Inwebit, Sonalake, Zeto), including beacons which allow to perform sensory and identification functions. The WIR network resources will be open to businesses that create innovative services and products. Data from devices in WIR network will be collected, processed and shared in an unique world-wide, event-driven cloud-based database.

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