Colocation in Talex Data Center
We are the only company in Poland to have Data Centers with EN 50600 and ISO 22237 Class 4 certifications.

We offer our clients a colocation service as part of the Talex Data Center. It involves locating your own technological infrastructure in Talex Data Center in Poznan or Wroclaw. Both facilities ensure optimal working conditions and security for IT equipment, preventing unauthorized access. The continuous operations of the Data Center, and consequently the infrastructure located therein, is guaranteed by a redundant infrastructure. All systems are supervised by round-the-clock monitoring.

Benefits of the colocation service
in Talex Data Center

  • use of Data Center facilities with the highest level of availability, security and energy efficiency in accordance with the EN 50600 and ISO 22237 Class 4 standards;
  • reduction of costly investments in own infrastructure in favour of rental in the service model;
  • possibility to design IT systems with DRaaS and BaaS scenarios based on two Data Centers (in Poznan and Wroclaw) which belong to one supplier;
  • shifting the responsibility for maintaining the continuity of IT infrastructure maintenance to a professional Data Center service provider;
  • predictable costs of the data storage service, enabling an easier determination of the company's budget;
  • the possibility of implementing complex projects with specialists from Talex SA, where along with colocation other services are provided, e.g. HelpDesk, ServiceDesk, integration and outsourcing.

What is included in the colocation service
in Talex Data Center?

  • space in technical cabinets set up in shared and dedicated spaces;
  • power supply from two independent lines guaranteed by UPS units;
  • access to fiber optic infrastructure and services of both national and local telecommunications operators;
  • access to the Internet through high availability infrastructure in Talex Data Center;
  • optional access control to the technical cabinet with management on the client's side;
  • handling of current client’s request in the 24/7 mode, the so-called "remote hands";
  • client's access to the colocation premises around the clock;
  • transportation of the client's equipment to the Talex Data Center, including disassembly and assembly in technical cabinets, maintaining the original copper and optical cabling.

What do we guarantee as part of colocation
in Talex Data Center?

We provide the colocation service in our Talex Data Centers - facilities with the highest class of EN 50600 and ISO 22237 certificates.

UPS and power generators guarantee our power supply in N+1 systems. Our precision air-conditioning systems operate in the same system, ensuring proper temperature and humidity in the colocation chambers.

The security of our facilities is guaranteed with the help of access control systems, burglary and assault signalling systems, CCTV video monitoring as well as personal and property security agencies. We monitor all Talex Data Center systems 24/7, which allows us to react quickly in case of failure.

Customers who decide on a colocation service can contact us by phone and e-mail at any time.

Our Data Center facilities

Talex Data Center facilities are situated in safe locations in Poznan and Wroclaw.
Our company is the only one in Poland to have Data Centers with certificates confirming compliance with the strict requirements of the EN 50600 and ISO 22237 standards of the highest (4) class in each category.

Talex Data Center in Poznan
Talex Data Center in Wroclaw

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