IT infrastructure integration
We create efficient and secure IT environments for demanding clients.

In an era of rapidly evolving technology, the IT infrastructure (including servers and disk arrays) of any company requires constant development, replacement and modification. We offer design, construction, maintenance and reconstruction services for IT infrastructure, ensuring business continuity. We integrate IT infrastructure at all levels, creating secure, efficient and usable data processing environments.

When does a company need an IT infrastructure integration?

Creation of a new IT environment

When a company needs a new IT environment, we can design and deliver it, along with the necessary licenses, and configure it. The design of such an environment fully reflects the client's needs identified by us during the audit and is presented for approval.

Expansion of an existing IT environment

If a company has an IT infrastructure, but due to its current needs requires its expansion, we can perform an audit of the IT environment and prepare a design. This way we are able to use parts of the existing infrastructure, combining them with new elements.

Replacement of IT environment elements

When the manufacturer support or warranty is lost or IT environment needs to be replaced, we can design and carry out its upgrade. We are able to perform an audit that determines the current needs of an individual client and, afterwards, design the IT environment.

What do we offer as part of our IT infrastructure integration service?

and implementation of virtualization solutions
We design and implement solutions based on the leading virtualizers available on the market. Based on an analysis of the IT environment, the client's requirements and the software used, we select the best virtualization platform, while optimizing the cost of license maintenance.
high availability environments
We design high availability and disaster recovery environments for your systems. Such solutions can be essential for your business, as the cost of high availability systems implementation can be much lower than the amount of losses resulting from a disaster. We also offer comprehensive Disaster Recovery Center solutions.
and managing corporate networks

We design and develop complex network solutions and systems to manage them. We select elements adequate to the customer's needs in terms of performance and security level. We use only proven equipment from the best suppliers

How does the IT infrastructure integration service work?

Analysis of customer needs and IT infrastructure
Based on an audit of the client's business and hardware needs, we design and develop comprehensive network solutions, as well as systems to manage them. We select tools adequate to the requirements in terms of performance and security. We use only proven equipment from the best suppliers.
Designing the optimal solution
Projects are created on the basis of an analysis that helps select solutions that best fit the client's needs. Owing to our knowledge and 30 years of experience, we choose the right licenses, which allows the client to save up to several hundred thousand zlotys. Carefully thought out design allows implementations without disruption or interruption of business continuity.
Implementation and data transfer
We implement the designed solution at the client's site, building a secure and efficient IT environment. We can provide all the necessary hardware (servers, arrays, etc.) or configure devices previously purchased by the client. We also provide the infrastructure integration in an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) service model at Talex Data Center.

Where do we deploy IT environment?

Why choose Talex?

Wide competence

As a software development company with 33 years of experience, we have completed many demanding projects, including for clients in the finance industry and similar.

Knowledge of wide variety of technologies

Our developers use various technologies in their work, matched to the client's specific needs and project requirements. In this way, we can create customized applications.

Experience in integration

Over 30 years of experience in IT systems integration allows us to create applications and then perfectly integrated them into the client's environment.

Agile methodologies

We work in accordance with agile methodologies, due to which the software is continuously adapted to the customer's requirements, and the product itself is created in a shorter time.

Our own Data Centers

Thanks to Data Centers, we can use our own Test Center and provide software in Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Post-implementation support

After the implementation of the solution, we train the client's IT team, ensure the maintenance of applications, and provide solutions to the current user’s problems.

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