Cloud Computing
Our services allow continuous, remote access to your stored data, without the need to invest in your own IT infrastructure

The cloud in Talex Data Center is a response to the needs of modern enterprises that exist in a dynamic business space. Since Cloud Computing is a scalable service, it is easy to choose the most suitable parameters in terms of the amount of memory and computing power. Moreover, these values can be changed at every stage of cooperation. As a result, a company whose needs are growing, for example, due to the launch of new projects, has the opportunity to upgrade the service parameters. On the other hand, when there is a need to generate savings or the current needs of the company decrease, it has the option to modify the scale of investment.

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Choose a cloud for your business

Private cloud
In a private cloud, the entire infrastructure is dedicated to a single client. This model does not allow for sharing physical resources (servers, disk arrays, etc.) with any other Talex Data Center client. The infrastructure provided can be fully adapted to the client's preferences and company’s needs. Users have complete control over the security used and the entire private cloud infrastructure.

What's more, this Cloud Computing model has the advantages of all other versions of cloud computing - the customer has the highest level of security, the parameters of the service are scalable, and the costs are in the form of a fixed monthly subscription.

The added value is the comfort of having all the data in a dedicated place, which is especially important for companies that have to meet high legal requirements.
Due to the nature of this version of Cloud Computing service, it is most often used to store, e.g. accounting systems, production environments or CRM.
Shared cloud
In a shared cloud several Talex Data Center clients use the same physical resources. The service provides virtual space, isolated on a digital level by a virtualization platform. This gives the company its own separate server space shared with other clients.

In the case of a shared cloud, the client pays for the computing power and disk space used. Both of these values can be modified according to current needs. Thanks to this scalability, the client does not have to pay for equipment that is not used.

Cloud Computing in a shared form is recommended especially to clients for whom optimization of services costs is a priority. Shared cloud is also a solution for enterprises whose needs are dynamically changing.

Clients using Cloud Computing are confident that their data is located in the Talex Data Center ensuring the highest level of security (EN 50600 and ISO 22237 class 4 standards). They also have constant, permanent access to their resources.
Hybrid cloud
In a hybrid cloud, as in a private cloud, the client receives a dedicated infrastructure for data processing and storage. In addition, they have access to a shared cloud increasing resources and providing greater data usage. A service designed in this way is convenient for the client by providing flexibility and scalability while optimizing costs.

It is, therefore, a solution that combines the advantages of both service models. It is the client who chooses which data will be kept in the private space and which in the shared space.

In this way, cloud computing allows you to maintain full control over critical processes in private infrastructure. Other files can be located in the shared space, allowing you to quickly change the parameters used and use Talex proprietary applications in our infrastructure.

Hybrid cloud in Talex Data Center ensures the highest level of security and constant access to data from anywhere.

Cooperation models

In each variant of Cloud Computing services, we offer three models of cooperation.
Regardless of the selected model, the service is charged on a subscription basis.
Infrastructure as a Service
The service involves the provision of computing power itself, which specifically includes CPU power, RAM and disk storage.
Platform as a Service
The service involves the provision of both computing power and system platforms, including, for example, an operating system or database engine.
Software as a Service
The service involves sharing a specific application - Talex provides all the hardware components and software necessary to run it.

Benefits of Cloud Computing services provided by the Talex Data Center:

  • quick migration to equipment better adapted to the current customer requirements and release from the need for system administration, its modernization, and digital and physical security of data;
  • no need to incur costs related to both the investment in real estate and the purchase of IT equipment and software - the service is paid for on a subscription basis, and its cost is classified as operating expenses - OPEX;
  • the ability to adjust IT resources to current demand - Cloud Computing is a flexible solution that allows you to quickly increase computing power and disk space;
  • the possibility to use state-of-the-art technological solutions (both hardware and software) without the need to purchase them;
  • data security at the highest level - Talex Data Center was the first company in Europe certified to meet the requirements of EN 50600 and ISO 22237, Class 4;
  • responsibility for securing data and maintaining business continuity is transferred to Talex.

What is included in the Cloud Computing service in Talex Data Center?

  • rental of dedicated computing power and virtual resources of cloud infrastructure in Talex Data Center;
  • access to the latest generation of hardware and the opportunity to raise the standard of the IT solutions used;
  • possibility to use numerous proprietary native Talex Cloud applications;
  • availability in the 24/7/365 model, and thus the ability to use cloud computing and virtual resources at any time;
  • scalability of the amount of resources used according to current needs and the ability to immediately reduce or increase the amount of computing power and used virtual resources of Talex Cloud;
  • the possibility of using the Cloud Computing service in hybrid mode and transferring only some of the processes to the Talex Data Center allows for a gradual expansion of the IT infrastructure without incurring expenditure on building new infrastructure.

Virtualization platforms that we use

We use two leading virtualization platforms: VMware vSphere and Red Hat Virtualization 4. vSphere is currently the most popular virtualization technology, while Red Hat Virtualization is an open source solution. We are a technology partner of both VMware and Red Hat.

Our Data Centers

We have two Data Centers placed in safe locations in Poznan and Wroclaw.
Our Data Centers, as the only ones in Poland, gained certificates confirming compliance with the strict requirements of the EN 50600
and ISO 22237 standards, class 4.

Talex Data Center in Poznan
Talex Data Center in Wroclaw


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