Software Development
We develop software dedicated to the client’s needs
with the use of modern technological solutions and platforms

Business environment is constantly changing, so companies need systems and applications that provide them with new opportunities, allow them to increase work efficiency or introduce new products or services to their offer. In order to meet our clients’ needs, we have been developing customized software for several years now.

Software tailored to the company’s needs

Software development

We develop custom applications supporting the work of enterprises on various levels. Before each project, we carry out an analysis of the requirements both in terms of technology and content. Thus, we can create applications and systems tailored to the specific needs of the client and the nature of their company. Our software can be seamlessly integrated with other systems in the company.

Business Intelligence

As part of our Software House services, we create analytical systems that improve decision-making processes in enterprises. Thanks to our Business Intelligence solutions, companies can fully use the potential of data. As part of the service, we offer a detailed analysis of the needs and current systems, the design and implementation of a new BI tool, its integration with the client's systems, and their further development and maintenance.

"The biggest challenge in software development is not, contrary to appearances, solving technological problems, but recognizing and understanding the client's needs in the best possible way. Only an in-depth, detailed analysis allows for the development of a system concept that solves the client's actual business problems."
Jacek Mayer
Director of Talex Software House
With Talex SA since 2006
Jacek Mayer Talex SA

How does the software development service work?

Analysis of our client’s needs
Analysis of our client’s needs
We start the implementation of projects with a thorough analysis of the client's needs and requirements. We attach great importance to both business and technological aspects. We identify the problems and goals of the company, taking into account legal regulations and the possibility of integrating the software with the client's systems.
Development of the software concept
Development of the software concept
Based on the previous analysis, we develop the concept of the final product. We choose technology, create the application architecture, define its necessary functions, and select the system environment corresponding to the company's strategy based on specified operating systems.
Software development
Software development
Based on the developed concept, we create an application or system using the technology selected by the client. We test the software on an ongoing basis in Talex Data Center Testing Center. We work based on agile methodologies. We can carry out the project either at our headquarters or at the client's location.
Software implementation at the client’s site
Software implementation at the client’s site
We implement the finished, tested and approved product at the client's site or provide it in Service as a Service (SaaS) model. We integrate the software into the system and provide post-implementation support, maintenance and, if necessary, further application development.

Agile methodology

Agile programming (Agile) is one of the methodologies used in software development. It is based on presenting the software to the client at various stages of work and confronting the effects with the client’s expectations. It is an alternative to the classic approach, i.e. waterfall model, in which the customer sees only the finished product. Agile methodologies are valued because they allow to respond to the customer’s changing needs and deliver a working product faster, and get a return on investment. In our work, we use agile methodologies, not omitting the crucial phase - analysis of the requirements and planning the schedule of activities.

Modern platforms and technologies
help us meet clients’ needs

Rich experience in software development

We had the opportunity to create systems, applications and tools for clients from the financial sector and companies from various other industries. Our products include, among others, sales portals, systems with decision engines, supporting the credit area or business management, auction platforms, as well as systems for document workflow and order processing.

Why choose Talex?


As a software development company, we have several years of experience. We employ highly qualified specialists, thanks to whom we have already completed many demanding projects, includig for clients in the banking sector.

of various technologies

Our developers use various technologies in their work, matched to the client's specific needs and project requirements. In this way, we can create customized applications.

in integration

Over 30 years of experience in IT systems integration allows us to create applications and then perfectly integrate them into the client's environment.


We work in accordance with agile methodologies, due to which the software is continuously adapted to the customer's requirements, and the product itself is created in a shorter time.

Our own
Data Centers

Thanks to Data Centers, we can use our own Test Center and provide software in Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Post-implementation support

After the implementation of the solution, we train the client's IT team, ensure application maintenance, and solve user problems.

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