There is a new global standard – ISO/IEC 22237:2021 – with requirements and guidelines for data centers. It is almost identical to the European standard EN 50600. The global nature of the new norm provides standardized worldwide guidelines thereby helping to effectively verify and benchmark data centers.

Certification – the key to a good decision

It is the nature of businesses to strive for as much profit as possible, and risk mitigation serves to maximize this profit. In this case, what we can consider as a risk is the very costly downtime of the company’s IT systems. How can this risk be minimized? The answer is: use the best possible data center. But how to verify the quality of a data center?

This is precisely why certification is so important and should be one of the key criteria when choosing a data center. Using a certified data center reduces the risk of losses and gives its clients a guarantee of providing the best services in the best possible data center.

The increasing demand has brought and continues to bring many new data centers into existence. Although they all advertise themselves as the reliable ones, it is through certification that one can sift golden marketing claims from the facts. And the facts are that Talex Data Center facilities were the first and only ones in Poland to meet the rigorous requirements of ISO/IEC 22237:2021 standard and after verification by an independent, accredited auditor, were awarded the certificates.

This demonstrates once again that Talex Data Center provides the highest level of security, business continuity and availability. And this means minimizing the risk of costly downtime, which is extremely important for a large number of our customers.

What is the ISO/IEC 22237:2021 standard?

ISO 22237 is an international standard and lays the groundwork for data center design, construction and operation according to the same principles around the world. It’s worth knowing that ISO/IEC 22237:2021 is almost a one-to-one copy of the European standard EN 50600. Therefore, the new standard, like the previous one, also focuses on guidelines for individual facilities and infrastructures, and defines general concepts for the design and operation of data centers. The standard includes an analysis of business risks and operating costs, as well as a data center classification system for availability, physical security and energy efficiency.

It has been seven years since the publication of the European standard EN 50600. That’s a really long time, especially in our globalized IT world. At the same time, it turned out that the European standard is no longer enough because reaching beyond the Old Continent we are unable to effectively compare data centers. Living in a global village, we need standardization. And this is one of the reasons why we have recently been using a new globally applicable standard – ISO/IEC 22237:2021.

Talex Data Center – the most modern Data Center in Poland

After an audit in October, both Talex Data Center facilities have been awarded ISO/IEC 22237:2021 certification. This means that Talex Data Center has met the rigorous international standardsas as the only data center in Poland, giving both its facilities a more competitive and recognizable presence – in the international market as well. It is also important for us to have the trust of our present and future customers – we want them to know that our Data Centers meet the most stringent requirements.

The quality of Talex Data Centers is proved by the ISO/IEC 22237:2021 certificate and the fact that both our facilities received the highest degrees in each of the following categories:

  • Availability : Availability Class 4,
  • Protection: Protection Class 4,
  • Energy Efficiency: Granularity Level 3.

Will the new standard replace the old one?

We are happy to be pioneers and data center market leaders in Poland. Talex Data Center, by meeting new international requirements, is setting standards for years to come. Especially since there is a high probability that in a perspective of years the EN 50600 standard will cease to be valid and will be completely replaced by the ISO/IEC 22237 standard.