Talex announced partnership with Mashape Inc.

July 18, 2017

Talex S.A. has signed a partnership agreement with American company Mashape Inc. (San Francisco), which develops the Kong product. Kong is software that implements API Gateway/ API Middleware enterprise-class solutions. It is used in the small as well as the world's largest companies as an indispensable component of a scalable, micro service architecture of software, in which there is a division into the so-called front-end and back-end, and communication is based on RESTful API. As a result of the signed partnership agreement, Talex S.A. can provide a full range of development services and technical support for the clients, who require such support due to system criticality or  requirements of the law.

Moreover, Talex S.A. has experience in developing dedicated plugins for Kong in LUA (programming language), with the use of which new features can easily be added if required in the architecture of a particular environment. Kong, as a product, has many advantages, especially it is open-source software with a clear and unrestricted Apache License Version 2.0 as well as having low maintenance costs. Moreover, Kong is modular and scales linearly while maintaining excellent performance.

We encourage to contact and co-operation all the companies that are confronted with the choice of API Gateway product or need to replace the existing solution with a more efficient, open, and cheaper one.

For more information about the product, please visit:

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