We continue our collaboration with one of our clients, for whom we implemented a project deploying additional FlashArray storage arrays from the California-based company Pure Storage and designed the architecture for ActiveCluster replication between two arrays.

Growing needs

Our client is an automotive industry company seeking a suitable location for storing rapidly growing data. One of the key elements was maintaining very high performance.

In early 2021, after thorough testing and forecasting future needs, we proposed the FlashArray//X50 R3 model from our technological partner Pure Storage and carried out the implementation.

As a result, the client gained access to the most innovative technologies on the market, providing:

  • High performance (thousands of I/O operations per second executed with transaction latency below 1ms).
  • Low power consumption.
  • The ability to perform upgrades without stopping the system.
  • Real-time device performance analytics.

The advantages of Pure Storage products and the effective implementation by Talex engineers led the client to purchase two additional arrays this year. The first one was intended for data replication, and the proven FlashArray//X50 R3 model was chosen for this purpose. The second array was meant to satisfy the company’s increasing demand for storage space for rapidly incoming data. To achieve this goal, the FlashArray//C40 model was selected.

The delivery and implementation of the solution were entrusted once again to Talex S.A. engineers.

Progress of the Last Project

The entire project can be summarized in three areas:

  1. Colocation of X50 R3 arrays to Talex Data Center, coupled with its expansion with an additional shelf.
  2. Designing the architecture for ActiveCluster replication between two X50 R arrays.
  3. Launching a new C40 array as space for a third, asynchronous cascading replica. Designing SafeMode snapshot policies as protection against ransomware.

The project’s premise was to ensure that replication would not cause downtime in the client’s systems. Security throughout the process was given special attention. The ActiveCluster replication enabled real-time data replication between two cluster nodes, with each node having full control of the data state across the entire cluster.

The replication architecture we designed was highly secure. In the event of a failure in one of the arrays or the connection between them, the second array is capable of taking over and still allowing applications access to data. During replication, both X50 R3 arrays play an active role. It’s worth noting that the new C40 array also participates in the entire replication process as the third replica in asynchronous mode.

By having multiple network accesses to the Talex Data Center, we minimized the risk that a failure in one of the operator links could jeopardize the entire process. Therefore, it is important to emphasize that the architecture we designed is very secure and ensures the continuity of IT system operations.

Digitization Requires Quality

All market analyses indicate that there will be a tremendous increase in digital data in the near future. As a civilization, we have been following a course for years, and there is no sign of change. Digitization is a continuous and inevitable process, and we are prepared for the upcoming challenges.

Our qualified staff is pleased with the collaboration with Pure Storage and highly values the products of this California-based company. If you are looking for a solution for your IT systems that will ensure fast and uninterrupted operation, we encourage you to contact us.