Talex Cloud – Private Cloud Multi-Platform is a service providing high availability, scalable cloud computing service from Talex, which has the highest level of security for data storage, processing operations and business processes in two different data centers certified in class 4 according to the EN 50600 standard. EN 50600 is considered to be the most comprehensive and demanding standard among those adopted for use in the European Union.

Talex data centers located in Poznań and Wrocław are certified at the highest level in all areas, i.e. availability, physical security and energy efficiency. One of the financial market regulators – the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) recommends choosing a cloud service provider that meets the requirements of EN 50600 min. class 3. The same recommendations are included in the Resolution No. 97 of the Council of Ministers, Annex 1 “WIIP”. This means that Talex, having a class 4 certificate in both centers, guarantees its customers even greater safety and reliability. Additional certifications – Integrated Business Continuity Management System in accordance with ISO 22301, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 27032, ISO 18295, ISO 20000, as well as GDPR, monitoring, RFC2350 (IETF) and SOC certificates make this secure infrastructure with the highest 99.99% level of availability.

Even the most modern and advanced solutions are not able to ensure 100% security, which is why they are complemented by specialized insurance. The services provided are covered by a policy “Insurance against cybernetic services”, which is unique in the Polish market. It protects the company and customers from the effects of cyber-attacks, liability for privacy violations, costs related to corrupted or damaged data, cyber extortion (ransom demands), as well as costs related to administrative penalties and damages.

Two platforms were built on the basis of the described infrastructure. Talex Open Cloud is based on Open Source/Super Micro/AMD solutions and is used to run applications (own and other companies’ Application Platforms) in the SaaS model. The VMware Cloud platform, based on VMware/Dell/EMC/Intel solutions, has been prepared for dedicated environments and high-performance complex systems (often individually dedicated) like ERP (SAP, Oracle) and Big Data.

“TALEX Infrastructure Platform” has become the basis for building multi-platform environments that integrate many cloud platforms, dedicated and industry-specific. Talex has built clouds for significant companies from the automotive, financial and e-commerce industries.

These solutions are tailored to the needs of organizations operating in sectors subject to various legal regulations and more stringent requirements. Until now, in some industries, cloud access was either impossible or severely restricted because the services available did not comply with strict legal regulations.

The framework of the Talex cloud assumes the preparation of a dedicated solution tailored to the needs of a specific large organization, industry, and quite often also specific projects. Provides on-demand scalability for enterprise workloads and a simple solution for small businesses. It ensures cooperation and integration with various suppliers of solutions and technologies.

The Talex Cloud solution is complemented by auxiliary platforms: Security Cloud Platform with SIEM, SOC and SMS class solutions as well as Software Development & Management Platform providing environments, tools and technologies for developers and testing, and IT Support in Cloud – Operational Center-as-a-Service.

Key features of Talex Cloud:

  • compliance with the recommendations of the most demanding regulators to which the financial market is subject,
  • EN 50600 certification for both Talex data centers,
  • exclusive or shared environments available,
  • simplicity and flexibility of building your own solutions,
  • individual approach to the client,
  • uninterrupted supervision over cybersecurity.