Bravura Solutions is a company operating in the IT industry as a provider of IT services and software for the financial and related sectors. It offers, among others, software dedicated to Transfer Agents and Wealth Management platforms, systems for administering pension and life insurance programs, as well as solutions supporting the flow of information and financial transactions. The company has over 30 years of experience, has branches in many countries, and its Polish branch is located in Warsaw.

Services provided by Talex SA

Our cooperation with Bravura Solutions affects many areas of IT. This includes the broad spectrum of support, i.e. ongoing hardware maintenance. Part of it is the recall of devices that the company will no longer use.

One of the orders we received was to prepare the equipment to be donated to charity. Laptops and desktops had to be complete and fully functional.

The key components of the implementation process were a methodical approach to work and acting in accordance with our plan, which consisted of several steps:

– inventory,

– technical condition assessment,

– maintenance and repair of equipment,

– removing the content of disks using dedicated software,

– installation and parameterization,

– donation of equipment for the Multicultural Center.

We started our work by drawing up a list of devices that were to be withdrawn and then donated to charity.

The next step was the assessment of the technical condition, i.e. full diagnostics of components, load tests or battery performance analysis. We also checked the equipment in terms of its visual condition, mechanical damage, dirt presence and other defects visible to the naked eye. Thanks to this, we were able to classify the devices and determine which units were:

– suitable for further use,

– qualified to be used for parts of subassemblies,

– only suitable for disposal.

Appropriately classified equipment was sent for repair. Thanks to this, we were able to quickly replace damaged components, fill in any deficiencies and subject everything to maintenance. In addition, we removed labels and stickers other than those from the hardware manufacturer. We cleaned everything thoroughly, both inside and outside, and we carried out maintenance on the cooling system.

When the equipment was set up and ready to work, we installed operating systems, language packs and additional software. The devices prepared in this way were handed over to the Multicultural Center, along with a list containing their configuration and assembly cards.

We commend the initiative!

We sincerely congratulate Bravura Solutions on its initiative, sensitivity to the needs of others and willingness to make the world a little better place. In total, 27 laptops and 39 desktops were handed over. The equipment was donated to the non-profit institution Multicultural Center, which helps refugees and migrants find a new home and provides legal assistance, job search support and education opportunities. Such initiatives are very much needed and help people to fight for a better tomorrow. We are very happy that we were able to help Bravura Solutions with such an important action.