Talex Data Center Wrocław is located in the building of the Wrocław Business Park. This complex has an interesting historical background. During the Second World War, it served as an armaments factory. After renovation, the building was adapted to meet modern standards.

Transformations Over the Years

Wrocław Business Park – formerly known as Bierutowska Park – is a place that combines history with modernity. It thereby proves that the past can serve as solid foundations for the future. Within the corridors of the complex, one can still hear echoes of bygone eras when ammunition and bomb fuses were produced there during the Second World War. It was these facilities, erected by the German conglomerate Rheinmetall Borsig between 1940 and 1942, that proved to be excellent foundations for the construction of a modern data center. Thus, it is an ideal blend of the past with contemporary technologies.

After the war, the building served as a factory producing spare parts for the textile industry, boat engines, bicycles, and aircraft. This place survived truly turbulent times, and it shows. It seems that the walls carry the weight of history – evident, for example, in the visible bullet marks.

It must also be acknowledged that someone always found a way to adapt the complex to the changing needs of society and the economy. The latest example of this is the utilization of the existing structures for information technology. Who would have thought a few years ago that within the interior of this former bomb fuse production facility would lie the most advanced data center in Poland?

The building underwent renovation and was adapted to current standards while preserving its character. The complex features a timeless, industrial façade made of natural brick. The spaces are exceptionally spacious, with raw walls and ceilings. It is these characteristics that give the interiors a unique character, capturing attention and inspiring creative work.

The Past as the Foundation of Modernity

At the end of 2017, we relocated the Wrocław branch. From October onwards, the Help Desk, Service Desk, and technical support teams began working at the Wrocław Business Park, formerly known as Bierutowska Park. After these few years, we can unequivocally say that it was an excellent decision. We gained more space, the aesthetic values of which we have already mentioned. Of course, the charm of the place is one thing, and its practical aspects are another – it must be acknowledged that the building was fantastically adapted to modern standards.

This was particularly important for us because the main reason for moving to the Wrocław Business Park was the plan to build a data center. And not just any data center – we aimed to achieve the highest standards of security, availability, and energy efficiency. Ultimately, we succeeded; we adapted the leased space to our needs and built a modern data center, which was launched in mid-2018.

The history of the building proved to be helpful in arranging the data center. Memories of the dramatic days of the Second World War are still present in the brick facades and underground tunnels, which served as shelters during bombings. And, remarkably and ingeniously, it is precisely in this past that we can find values for the data center:

  • The walls of the buildings are up to 80 cm thick.
  • The enormous load-bearing capacity of the roof is evidenced by the installation of an anti-aircraft gun.
  • The channels, which served as shelters during bombings, are now used for distributing power, heating, and telecommunication networks.
  • The facilities were built on the outskirts of Wrocław, which is a significant condition for the secure location of the data center.

These elements (and not only these!) are components of the physical security we guarantee to Talex Data Center clients. You can see for yourselves; we encourage all those interested in data center services to schedule a visit to this unique place, where the combination of tradition with innovation opens the doors to the future.