We organized a collection for the residents of the children’s home. Together, employees of Talex and the local community of Garby village, we assisted the residents of the facility. We donated furniture, sweets, clothes, and vouchers for many exciting activities.

We’re helping out during Easter

Easter is a time for family gatherings. Among loved ones, we take a break from daily duties and joyfully spend time together. However, holidays are not just about fun; they’re also a time for reflection on the needs of others. It’s worth turning this moment into something more meaningful — empathy can go hand in hand with actions. And that’s exactly what we did. This Easter season, we decided to support the Children’s Home in Kórnik-Bnin.

The support originated from the initiative of our employee, Piotr Deptuła. Piotr organized the entire campaign, involving Talex employees and the local community of Garby village.

Charitable support from Talex and the local community

The Children’s Home in Kórnik-Bnin makes a great impression. The staff of the facility take care of all the needs of the residents, ensuring their development and care on many levels. However, let’s not kid ourselves, without additional support, despite all the commitment and dedication, it’s difficult to meet all the daily challenges.

We supported the facility in several segments. We donated unused office furniture, which was in excellent condition and perfect for the residents of the children’s home. After all, homework needs to be done somewhere… but let’s not make it all about duties! We organized a collection among the company employees and thus provided the children with boxes full of sweets and clothes.

But that’s not all. Piotr Deptuła mobilized the local community of Garby village and prepared a few more surprises for the residents of the children’s home! Among other things, tickets to the cinema and a flight in a professional simulator. Perfect Easter presents!

We are convinced that the children will have a fantastic time. We are glad we could help.

Words of Appreciation

We sincerely thank all our donors and everyone involved! We know that growing up away from parents is difficult, especially during such family-oriented periods. That’s why we are so pleased that we could sweeten this time, even if just a little — both figuratively and literally!

It’s all thanks to you. Once again — a big thank you!