We organized a contest for employees with the prize being the opportunity to use a Volkswagen ID. Buzz car during afternoons and weekends. The main goals of the contest were: education on e-mobility, building eco-consciousness, and having fun!

A great option – in the city and beyond

We consider e-mobility as an interesting concept, even though the number of electric cars on the roads is constantly increasing. However, the truth remains that green license plates are still a drop in the ocean. It has become a common belief that driving such a car is uncomfortable due to the poorly developed infrastructure in Poland. However, having several electric cars in our fleet, we know that this situation has changed significantly over the past few years. This means that electric cars are simply a good option, not only in urban areas but also during long journeys away from civilization.

Weekend with Buzz

Considering the many myths associated with electric cars and our company’s goals related to sustainable development, we organized the “Weekend with Buzz” contest for employees. The prize? An electrifying experience! The winners had the opportunity to spend afternoons and weekends with the Volkswagen ID. Buzz. All they had to do was answer one question:

“Where would you go with the new VW ID. Buzz? Describe an interesting tourist spot, attraction, or activity in Poland.”

The answers were very interesting, some truly amusing (the Buzz being inserted into a video of a bike trip stole our hearts :D), and we were very pleased about that! The main goals of the contest were:

  • education on e-mobility, building eco-consciousness;
  • encouraging activity and supporting Polish tourism (participants described and encouraged visits to interesting attractions and engaging in activities in Poland);
  • …and, of course, having fun!

We had a great time, and judging from the feedback and photos from the winners, they had an even better time. Besides entertainment, we also aimed for education. Many of the employees had the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of an electric car for the first time in their lives. And with that came the chance to charge it, plan a trip, locate charging stations, and so on. In doing so, we hope to dispel the unfavorable myth associated with charging electric cars for many people.

How did we drive?

We’ve already mentioned the fun we had. But let the interested parties speak for themselves! Here are a few opinions from the contest winners:

“The car brought a smile not only to my face but also to other drivers and onlookers at bus stops. The car moves briskly considering its size. It is incredibly obedient and cooperative.” – Dorota

“As a driver, I can only express myself in superlatives, but the best assessment of the ID. Buzz test comes from my older daughter, who said I should ask the President – referring to the CEO – to have the car at our disposal for a longer time.” – Piotr

“I have already driven buses, although it was a while ago. However, upon entering the ID. Buzz, I felt like I was in a modern bus designed for vacation trips with family or friends.” – Michał

Alongside these words, we present a few figures – we managed to measure our good time in numbers. Some of them illustrate how a large electric car performs. Over the course of two weeks:

  • We covered 1935 km.
  • It cost us approximately 475 PLN in energy.
  • We embarked on 105 journeys.
  • We plugged in Buzz for charging 28 times.
  • We mainly stayed around Poznań, but during our 2 trips, we covered approximately 150 km.
  • And throughout all those kilometers, we emitted a grand total of 0 mg of CO2!

We proudly acknowledge that the goals of our contest have been achieved! Together, we are building eco-consciousness and promoting a sustainable work and lifestyle.

A few words about the Buzz

The ID. Buzz was designed with sustainable development in mind, taking climate protection into consideration. It is CO2-neutral and produced in a way that also avoids carbon dioxide emissions. Instead of animal leather, the interior of the car features recycled materials, such as seat upholstery, floor covering, and headliner. All of this combines ecology with comfort.
We were graciously provided this wonderful car by our fleet partner, Volkswagen Financial Services Polska. Thank you!