In today’s world, electricity is almost ubiquitous. Therefore, we take it for granted, treating it as if it were something natural. Many times we do not notice its role, at least until we run out of it.
A power outage is always a disappointment, but it becomes much more serious when it affects a business. In such a situation, power shortages not only cause discomfort, but can contribute to downtimes that generate financial losses or cause customer dissatisfaction.

Continuity of IT infrastructure – a key issue for a company

If a company lacks proper energy safeguards, a power outage can have severe consequences. In the absence of power, servers, storage arrays and network devices shut down, IT systems stop working, and access to data stored becomes impossible. As a result, electronic mail, the entire internal corporate network and applications responsible for project execution, financial settlements or customer service do not work.
Many companies use IT systems that run on the Internet. They allow customers to register, purchase products, use additional services or get in touch with the company. However, an inactive service can, unfortunately, cause a potential customer to abandon our offer and leave for a competitor.
In addition, any amount of time spent by employees unable to perform their duties is considered unproductive for the company. If the outage is prolonged, the company may not be able to meet its obligations in a timely manner.

Threats to business continuity of IT systems

Even a relatively short outage can deprive a company of customers. A variety of random events, such as adverse weather conditions, or faults and repairs to power grids, for instance, disrupt power plant operations and interrupt the continuity of IT infrastructure.
There is also the risk of more serious problems. After all, we live in very uncertain times and the outbreak of geopolitical or environmental threats seems highly likely. Any of these can make it impossible for a company to function.

Talex Data Center – energy security confirmed by EN 50600 class 4 certificate

Proper preparation of a company server room and ensuring its continuity of operation in all conditions is sometimes problematic and uneconomical, and often even impossible. Talex S.A. offer can be an alternative.
As the only Data Center in Poland, we have EN 50600 certificate with the highest 4 class for both of our facilities. This means that we are able to provide the stored IT systems with the highest level of energy security and business continuity.

Our Data Center facilities have power infrastructure in a redundant (n+1) configuration, which means that all systems operating in the Data Center are powered by two independent tracks. Moreover, additional protection in the form of UPS sets and power generators is used on each of them. If one element of the infrastructure fails, operation is taken over by the backup, thus ensuring full energy security of the Data Center environment. Consequently, the system remains secure against all infrastructure failures, as well as power outages from the outside.
Proper operation of the Data Center systems is controlled by the Supervision Center personnel, monitoring all parameters, both those related to the IT infrastructure, as well as those responsible for the correct and flawless operation of the entire Data Center complex.

Do you want to feel confident about the continuity of your company systems? Choose Talex Data Center!

A company that operates regardless of the situation is perceived as reliable and trustworthy. Therefore, it is worth to guarantee our customers a constant comfort of service, and our employees the ability to carry out their duties, by keeping our servers safe and uninterrupted.
It is hard to predict all the challenges and prepare for them alone; a much more secure option is to use the services offered by specialists.
At Talex Data Center we are well prepared for a variety of eventualities, which is why we know how to ensure business continuity to your IT systems and enable your company to work safely.