We believe that as an organization we can change the world. It does not matter whether in small gestures or great deeds. The most important thing is to simply act. Because every little contribution has a real impact. The number of people bringing goodness is constantly growing, and with these bricks of good deeds together we build a better tomorrow. Last week we made our contributions and donated three laptops to Ochronka “Jurek”.

What does Ochronka “Jurek” do?

Ochronka “Jurek” (orphan asylum) has been operating in Poznan since 1992. During this time, the institution has changed the lives of more than 50 children, providing them with a peaceful home, pulling them out of their problems and teaching them a normal life – one they could have never experienced before. As the representatives of the organization say, the main goal of their activities is to help a lonely child to return to his/her natural family, if possible, or to place him/her in a foster or adoptive family. And, as the long-standing activities of the orphanage show, this goal has been successfully fulfilled.

Positive response to the theft

There was a theft at the Ochronka “Jurek”, just after Christmas. One of our employees found out about this unpleasant situation and we immediately knew that we had to help the kids and restore some of their faith in the magic of Christmas. The stolen items were mainly modern electronics: computers for learning, consoles for enjoyment. For the kids at the facility, this was equipment that could help them to forget their daily problems for a moment and feel as if they were growing up in a normal family.

We decided it would be best to contact the director of the facility, Maria Lichtańska, to define how we can help. Together we came to the conclusion that the best solution was to provide Ochronka “Jurek” with laptops. In this way the children could have access to both education and entertainment.

Talex donated laptops

Talex S.A. donated three laptops. The importance of this gesture was confirmed on the spot. We packed up the computers and went to the facility to meet with the director and one of the young residents of the house. The face of the child was lightened up with a smile – priceless experience that yet again proved that for some people such simple acts really mean a lot.

On that occasion, Mrs. Maria Lichtańska told us how the Ochronka “Jurek” functions. We would like to congratulate all the employees of the facility – you are great! We are glad that the kids have such support and we cross our fingers for you.

You can help too!

We are also keen to prove to the children that in life there is a positive to every negative and for every bad deed there are a few good ones. After all, it is important for the pupils of the facility to learn about good role models and experience first-hand that the world is on their side.

We keep our fingers crossed for all the kids! We encourage you, if you want to help too, to visit the website of Ochronka “Jurek” available under the address: https://tprngo.pl/ and contact the management. Every contribution counts! Every little bit helps!