Privacy Policy

Talex SA attaches particular importance to respect the privacy of users visiting sites in the domain * Data collected in the logs logs are used only for the purpose of administering the service provided, referred to in section Website: We do not strive for user identification Company sites. Identification data are not transferred to third parties.

Data collection

In accordance with the standard practice for most websites, store HTTP requests sent to our server. Browsed resources are identified by URLs. The exact list of information stored in log files, Web Server is as follows:

  • Public IP address of the computer from which the request came.
  • The name of the client station - identification performed by the HTTP protocol, if possible,
  • User name given in the authorization process,
  • Time of request,
  • First line http request,
  • Http response code,
  • The number of bytes sent by the server,
  • URL of the page previously visited by the user, when the transition to the part of the Company was the link,
  • Information about the user's browser,
  • Information about errors that occurred at the checkout http.

These data are not associated with specific people browsing part of the Company subject referred to in section Website: To ensure the highest quality of service, occasionally we analyze the log files to determine which pages are visited most frequently, what web browsers are used, whether the structure of the page does not contain errors, etc.

Use of data

The collected logs are stored indefinitely as auxiliary material used to administer the site. The information contained in them are not disclosed to anyone other than persons authorized to administer the server and the network of the Company. On the basis of the log files can be generated statistics constitute aid in the administration. Collective summary in the form of such statistics do not include any identifying features of the visitors service.

Cookies on the website of Talex SA

In the Service are used in the following types of cookies:

a) "essential" cookies, enabling the use of the services available within the Service, for example. authentication cookies used for services that require authentication through the Service;

b) cookies used to ensure safety, eg. used to detect fraud in the field of authentication through the Service;

c) "Performance" cookies, allowing the collection of information about how to use the websites of the Service;

d) "functional" cookies, allowing "remember" selected by the user settings and personalization of user interface, eg. in terms of the language or region from which the user font size, appearance, website, etc.

Cookies are not used for the processing or storage of personal, you can not use them to make a direct identification of the User and shall not introduce changes to the configuration in the browser and telecommunications terminal device.


Website periodically may use a session cookie called INFO to store fact read the highlighted information. It is created in order to reduce emissions periodically appearing ads. Thanks to the cookie file information is displayed only once for one user session and does not appear again after switching to another page website. The above-mentioned session cookie is created only for the duration of the session. Closing the browser window with the site maintenance deletes the file that you created.