We are pleased to announce that, following the resolution of the tender process, a new contract has been signed for the maintenance, provision, and development of the auction system for wood sales e-drewno between State Forests and Talex S.A.

Let’s review some facts about the e-drewno platform.

  • e-drewno is a service provided by State Forests for the sale of wood in forestry districts across the country.
  • It is an auction platform implemented by Talex, maintained and developed through successive contracts with State Forests.
  • The first test auctions on e-drewno took place 18 years ago!
  • The e-drewno platform is offered in a SaaS model from the Talex Data Center.
  • On average, several thousand auctions take place on the platform monthly, with transaction values reaching millions of polish złoty.
  • In the last 12 months, businesses have purchased 3.5 million m3 of wood through the platform.

The new contract between State Forests and Talex was signed on September 29th of this year. We are proud that the system has been operating continuously for so many years, effectively fulfilling its functions and goals set by State Forests.