Uninterrupted access to necessary information – regardless of place and time – is becoming the standard. Therefore, it is important to ensure business continuity. An interruption to the IT infrastructure can paralyze the company’s operations at a critical moment. A cloud solution is the way to secure it… but what if you do not want to completely abandon your own IT resources?

Risks associated with loss of business continuity

The failure of servers can occur at the most inconvenient moment. It is just an everyday risk that we tend to forget about until disaster hits. Lessons are better learned before the fact, especially if the topic is the business continuity of our company’s IT infrastructure.

There are many factors that contribute to the risk of business continuity. While we think mostly of hardware problems, we should not forget about power outages. Such failures can happen really often and, what is worst, we have no control over their duration. During such a situation, only a few of the companies operating on the market are given energy priority. However, a properly secured Data Center can help an organization survive a period of power outages.

Computerworld research

A survey conducted by Computerworld shows that most Polish organizations are not ready to entirely give up their own IT resources. 75% of companies in Poland have their own server rooms, but this does not, after all, exclude support by an external partner. As the data shows, as many as 54% of Polish companies reach for cloud services, while 30% use colocation or dedicated infrastructure. In the examined group, as many as 48% of companies use more than one data processing model. According to the survey, many businesses with their own server rooms simultaneously use external DC.

In-house resources plus an external partner

Many entrepreneurs choose to use a combined model, supporting themselves with the services of external providers. This is due to economic and security reasons, such as:

  • performing off-site backup:
  • securing against DDOS attacks;
  • transferring responsibility for infrastructure automation and monitoring;
  • increasing the level of ID security and management;
  • using an additional DC as a Disaster Recovery Center.

Benefits of working with a certified Data Center

As you can see, using the offer of a third-party Data Center provider really has many benefits, and it does not at all mean that you should give up your own data processing centers. Do not forget that the cost of upgrading a server room is really high. When you work with an external partner, you do not incur this expense, but at the same time provide yourself with access to state-of-the-art technology. All of this means increased security, increased flexibility in running projects, and ensuring the highest level of availability and business continuity.

What conclusion do we draw? One similar to that of Polish companies asked by Computerworld, i.e. the best solution is to combine your own resources with a certified Data Center!

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