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Current geopolitical situation made it impossible for residents of Europe to take electricity for granted. In practice, a blackout is no longer impossible, and even the Expert Council on Energy Security and Climate allows for such a situation. As a result, electricity supply problems may soon arise. They may affect not only households, but also businesses.

What is a blackout and how long can it last?

A blackout is a prolonged, unexpected interruption of power supply. No one can warn us or tell us in advance how we should prepare for it.
One day we will come to the office and start our work. Unfortunately, the execution of our daily duties will be suddenly disrupted by power outage. If we use a desktop computer and our company does not have an emergency power system, our work will be suddenly stopped, and we won’t even have a chance to save what we just did. However, in case we use a laptop, we will have a little more time. Nevertheless, the battery level will soon begin to fall, and downtime will become inevitable. Moreover, the company’s router will already be offline, which means we will be forced to go offline.
How long will the blackout last? Unfortunately, no one can predict this. The problems may last for as little as an hour or two, but can extend up to several days. Furthermore, when power returns, we still could not be sure that the worst is over. Power plants may encounter further problems anytime, depriving us of the possibility of being able to work again.

Business during a blackout

The operation of any business depends on the supply of electricity. It is impossible to do office work in such a situation. Whether a company is dealing with job placement, operates in the e-commerce industry, provides logistics-related services or exists in another business area, power outage makes it unable to provide services or fulfill orders. Therefore, a blackout leads to downtime, which translates into a reduction in revenue for the company.

Is it possible for a company to protect itself from losses?

Talex SA provides services that enable a company to function even when electricity is not available. Cooperation with us will allow you to move your business to a backup office with comfortable working conditions including most importantly electricity and Internet access in case of the blackout. In addition, we are in a position to sustain the operation of your critical company systems.

Backup offices

The technological complexes of Talex SA, located in Poznan and Wroclaw, offer rooms dedicated to backup offices. This is a very beneficial solution for companies looking to protect their operations against, among other things, power outages. Regardless of the situation, electricity and Internet access will be guaranteed inside these rooms.

Business continuity of corporate systems

For proper functioning of many companies it is not enough to have access to electricity or Internet, as they also need their internal IT systems.

Both Talex Data Center facilities provide energy security confirmed by EN 50600 certification rating at the highest level of Class 4. They are equipped with an N+1 redundant power supply, so they can ensure the operation of the IT infrastructure that is stored within our colocation facility. They can also sustain the operation of IT systems and ensure the availability of data stored with us in the cloud.

Both facilities have two independent medium-voltage power lines. A set of power generators protects them in case the power supply is disrupted.

In addition, the supervision center constantly monitors all parameters of the Data Center, both those related to IT infrastructure and particular aspects of the facility’s operation.

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We live in turbulent times, and it is impossible to predict whether things we now take for granted will remain so easily accessible. Power outages can bring the economy to a standstill and leave many businesses without the possibility to operate normally. Seeking to secure your future, it is wise to be predictive and to ensure proper safeguards. Secure Data Center and Backup Office services can resolve many future problems.

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