For many companies, the changing situation in Poland and the pandemic time have become an impulse to verify and redefine the role and scope of benefits. There are many solutions on the market that respond to the diverse needs and preferences of employees. The latter, however, have changed dramatically in the last 2-3 years!

Regardless of external conditions, the challenge for team leaders is always to maintain a high level of motivation and commitment among employees, and to create conditions that help them to feel a sense of belonging to the organization.

In addition, companies that demonstrate flexibility and are able to adapt their benefit policies to changing trends and expectations of their employees are seen as more attractive to potential future candidates as well.

Employee survey. A good way to gather opinions

The survey conducted among the employees of Talex S.A. to assess the benefit system was aimed at determining to what extent the offer of the company’s benefits fits the current needs of its employees and whether the awareness of having them increases the level of satisfaction at work. Also, we wanted to check if the costs incurred by the company in the process of financing benefits are proportional to the level of motivation and satisfaction of our employees.

The survey confirmed that the previously functioning on the market and proven solutions are now perceived and evaluated differently by employees. This justifies further the attempt to look for new and more interesting alternatives.

In the survey, many new ideas emerged regarding internal activities to integrate employees, which are expected to be implemented periodically or be made permanent as a good practice in the organization. The detailed results of the survey were provided to employees. We will work together to continuously adjust the offer of benefits to meet the ever changing needs.

Sandra Witczak

HR Department