In cooperation with the Wielkopolska Lewiatan Employers’ Association, we once again successfully organized a tour of the Data Center. On Tuesday, 22 November, we had the pleasure to host 4th grade students from the Stanisław Staszic Complex of Mining and Energy Schools in Konin. We were genuinely pleased to see such a large group of young people interested in IT.

A few words about IT companies’ work

A visit to the Data Center is an opportunity for young people to learn about the construction of this type of facility and the work of the IT company. It is also a chance to think about whether work in the IT industry is interesting, or is it worth going to university to study IT as well as if it is going to be easy to find a job in this field.

No one will remove these doubts and answer potential questions better than Janusz Gocałek, President of Talex S.A., a person with great experience backed by successes. During his lecture, young people had the opportunity to find out about current expectations of candidates, the state of the industry, present conditions and requirements.

In addition, the young people had a chance to listen to Sandra Witczak, our HR Specialist, who talked about recruitment from the employer’s perspective and gave the students tips regarding the way they can look for their first job or how to write a CV.

A tour of the Data Center

The employees of Talex Data Center, Arkadiusz Starczewski and Norbert Kazmierczak, showed the visitors around the non-confidential parts of the facility. Groups of students from Konin were able to see the solutions we use, e.g. gensets, UPS systems, the server chamber, fire extinguishing systems, as well as the operation of the Supervisory Center. Our personnel explained how the key elements of the Data Center work and how we ensure the security and continuity of the stored infrastructure.

Thank you for your visit!

We are pleased that students from Konin actively participated in the tour, bombarding our workers with interesting questions. It is always an important event for our company to be visited by students  of IT classes. We hope that the opportunity to see the IT company “from behind the scenes” will inspire young people and encourage them to develop in this field.