Silencions is an interdisciplinary team consisting of experienced engineers and scientists whose mission is to reduce the level of noise pollution. Technology company located in Wroclaw provides its services to both public, business and private environments.

This technological start-up chose Talex S.A. as its colocation provider. The reason for the company’s decision was their wish to entrust part of the server infrastructure maintenance tasks to a reliable partner. As a result, the employees of Silencions can focus more on their core business instead of spending time on IT maintenance duties.

Services used by Silencions

Silencions uses colocated computing servers dedicated to applications in the broad field of artificial intelligence. The servers located at Talex Data Center are used to train deep neural network models for the processing of sounds and images. This allows the company’s personnel to effectively verify solutions presented in the latest scientific research, and to modify and adapt the results to their needs. In addition, Silencions uses high-speed computing stations that allow the company to efficiently use the models in the production phase.

Colocation provided by Talex SA

Data Center ensures the continuity of operation of IT infrastructure. It uses two separate medium-voltage lines, a set of UPS and aggregates in N+1 arrangement, making the entrusted equipment able to operate continuously, regardless of the situation. In effect, the employees of Silencions have access to the company’s servers nonstop and from anywhere.

Talex SA has the only DC in Poland with two facilities certified to EN 50600 – a confirmation of the highest standards of the Data Center, a guarantee of continuity of system operation and security of stored data.

Talex specialists, on a 24/7 basis, monitor the condition of entrusted servers as well as environmental factors in their surroundings. High level of attention paid to security is a guarantee that valuable data, stored on servers, will not be destroyed or stolen.

Among the advantages of colocation services is also their flexibility and scalability. If at any stage of cooperation the customer’s requirements change, it is possible to modify individual parameters of the service, such as the amount of occupied DC space or the degree of electricity demand. This gives Silencions the confidence that the service will always be tailored to its needs.

Colocation in Talex SA is not burdened with any hidden costs. It provides stabilization of expenses, based on a fixed monthly subscription. Therefore, Silencions can easily determine the budget it allocates for the maintenance of its server infrastructure.