The importance of data needs no convincing. It is one of the most valuable assets for any company. The widespread digitization has brought many benefits, but also challenges that we face every day. One of them is the issue of security because when we talk about valuable assets, we must ask ourselves – how do we effectively protect all this data?

Starting from this question, on September 27th, we organized a conference in collaboration with SGS titled “Escalation of Threats, Innovative Technology, Personal Data Security – Challenges for Information Security.”

The conference presentations covered topics such as new data security standards, certification mechanisms, business continuity management, requirements of EN 50600 and ISO/IEC 22237 norms for data centers.


Together with SGS, we prepared a diverse agenda filled with presentations and a tour of the Talex Data Center facility. After the official welcome, we had the opportunity to listen to Cezary Zagórski from SGS, who explained the key changes in the latest edition of the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 standard and presented the transition timeline.

The next presentation focused on physical data security issues. Radosław Wesołowski, a board member of Talex SA, discussed how we ensure a secure Data Center to provide advanced services to our clients, all in compliance with EN 50600 and ISO/IEC 22237 norms. Meanwhile, Piotr Wrzesiński (SGS) presented topics related to information security in the cloud according to ISO/IEC 27017 and ISO/IEC 27018 standards.

After the first block of presentations, conference participants visited the Talex Data Center facility. This allowed them to better understand how the previously discussed topics, such as the ISO/IEC 22237 standard, are used in practice.

Upon returning, we moved on to the second block of presentations. Piotr Wrzesiński from SGS discussed important topics that help maintain operational stability and competitiveness for companies. He presented the topic of business continuity management in the context of legal requirements (KSC, NIS2, DORA) for organizations and supply chains.

At the end of the conference, Cezary Zagórski spoke again. He presented data protection standards and new certification mechanisms. After his presentation, we had a surprise in store, an interactive thematic quiz on the Mentimeter platform. The quiz was a fun way to consolidate knowledge from the presentations, but of course, that’s not all. What’s a quiz without prizes? The winner of the game received a YubiKey 5C NFC hardware key. Congratulations!


The conference was organized for experts from various industries and provided an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and establish new contacts. The presentations will certainly help the attendees better understand the current challenges we will face in the coming years.

We thank all the participants for their participation and valuable insights. Together, we work towards a secure future for our data.