We have started cooperation with Collegium Da Vinci – the oldest, private university in Poznan – with regard to practical training of students of Computer Science. The result of this cooperation is a jointly developed student internship and apprenticeship program improving the competences of students and university graduates as future employees of information technology companies. Already from the first semester, students will be able to use the knowledge gained at the university in the specific business environment of our company through the participation in the work of individual departments and project teams, business meetings, and specific tasks. The experience gained in this way shall certainly make it easier for the students to decide on further specialization.
Specialists in Talex S.A. and the teaching staff from Collegium da Vinci have taken up the challenge to develop an innovative cooperative project for business and university, whose aim is also to continuously improve the attractiveness of the local market of education and ICT services. Our common goal is to provide students with access to the practical side of the business.
Why Collegium da Vinci? We wanted to start cooperation with the university which considers the process of adapting its teaching program to current needs and requirements of the market and to constant changes in ICT as an important part in the care for high quality education. At Collegium da Vinci we met passionate people who are open to change and understand the modern realities of the economic life.
Details of the project can be found on the website of Collegium da Vinci.