At Talex S.A. we perfectly understand that cooperation with schools is an investement in the future generations of specialists who will enter the labour market soon. Visiting an IT company and Data Center is always a chance for young people to get to know the IT industry from the inside. Thus, we have been pleased that our long-standing cooperarion with the Wielkopolska Lewiatan Employers’ Association allowed us to provide a tour of this kind. On Friday, 19th of October 2022, we had the pleasure of hosting young people from the IT classes of Higher School of Pedagogics and Technology in Konin and the Complex of Schools of Construction and Vocational Education named after Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski in Konin. In total, 50 students accompanied by 4 teachers took part in the trip. However, such a large number of IT enthusiasts could not visit the Data Center at once, so the guests were split into two groups. The tour took place in two stages – whereas one group listened to a presentation in our office building, the other one visited our Data Center. The groups then switched places.

Data Center tour

Arkadiusz Starczewski and Norbert Kazmierczak, Data Center personnel, gave the students a tour of the non-confidential parts of the facility. During the tour, under the watchful gaze of the specialists, young people had the opportunity to learn about the technologies used inside the Data Center. Arek and Norbert explained to the students the advantages of the facility’s reinforced concrete structure and its secure location. Afterwards, they discussed the operation of fire protection systems and solutions to ensure the continuity of the IT infrastructure. The students were invited to see our generators and UPS systems and learned about redundant power supply solutions. The students also saw the server chamber and the operation of the supervision center.

IT company in practice

Sebastian Świgoń, a longtime employee of Talex SA and one of our team leaders, gave a presentation on the operation of the Data Center and services provided by Talex SA. He explained the many issues related to the operation of an IT company and indicated which technological solutions and services are currently the most popular. Sandra Witczak, HR specialist, explained the recruitment process in the IT industry and told the students how to create their first curriculum vitae and present oneself well to the employer. Once both groups had toured the Data Center and listened to the lectures, the time came for a short summary and a commemorative photo in front of the headquarters of Talex.

Thank you for your visit!

It was our pleasure to welcome the young visitors from Konin. We are glad that the tour proceeded in a nice atmosphere, and the students did not just listen to the panelists, but were actively participating and asked many questions. We hope that it is not the last visit, and our guests will be back to our company – perhaps as future employees of Talex SA.