At Talex S.A., we understand very well that we live not only by our work. As the proverb goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, we also remember about other aspects of life. Indeed, this is why we want to get involved locally, support interesting initiatives and contribute to the development of sports in our city.
Talex Open is a tennis tournament for men, held since the year 2000 on AZS tennis courts in Poznan. The event very quickly gained the sympathy of both players and fans, and hence has been included permanently in the sports calendar of Wielkopolska. This is the only tennis tournament in our country organized continuously for more than 20 years. From the very beginning, Talex S.A. has been the title sponsor. This year’s edition of the tournament will be held soon.

Talex Open 2022

We would like to remind all tennis enthusiasts that this year’s Talex Open begins this Sunday (21.08.2022) and will last a week. In the course of tournaments, 32 players will face each other on the courts in singles and 16 pairs in doubles. There will be famous players from all over the world. After all, Talex Open is an event where we have seen sports celebrities more than once. AZS Poznan courts have hosted players such as Hubert Hurkacz, Jerzy Janowicz, Mariusz Fyrstenberg, Michal Przysiężny and Kacper Żuk.
This year, we are also expecting an exciting tournament, so it’s no wonder that the stands – more and more numerous every year – are going to be filled with crowds of fans. The event always attracts tennis enthusiasts not only from Poznan, but also from all over the country, and often from abroad.

The popularity of tennis

Tennis is a sport that arouses great excitement. This is because it is a spectacle that shows true passion of the players and fierce sports rivalry, and on top of that a discipline that is extremely attractive to watch. Nothing warms up the crowds better than players’ energy, technique developed over the years and keen rivalry in the open air.
The fame of this discipline is also added by the multiple successes of our compatriots, in particular the resounding victories of Agnieszka Radwańska or the recent triumphs of Iga Świątek.
For all these reasons, there is no shortage of lovers of this beautiful sport in our country. This year’s games will certainly attract many fans thirsty for sports emotions. We also cannot wait!
All those interested in watching the games are welcome to visit the official website of Talex Open.